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Review | Carrie Hope Fletcher: An Open Book | Liverpool Empire | 01/06/2023

I have followed Carrie Hope Fletcher for several years, ever since discovering her YouTube channel in lockdown. As for many others, her videos provided a slice of the stage in a time when theatres across the world lay dark. After a few failed attempts to see her in other shows in London, I jumped at the opportunity to see her live on stage locally, snagging tickets the day they went on sale.

To describe this as simply a concert would be a discredit to the fantastic show that has been created. The stage itself is warmly lit by a mismatch of lamps. In between the comfort of a well-loved sofa, a desk, family photos and even a huge painting of Edgar the cat, we are transported into Carrie’s world. She locks us away safely in her mind (even making a joke about the audience being there) as she struggles to craft a narrative for her tour.

Each song performed is prefixed by a personal story, taking the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. Whilst some are performed every night, others are voted for by the audience, with Carrie herself not knowing the finalised setlist until minutes before the show. It is the stories themselves which are voted for, with the songs themselves being a surprise. I was fortunate to chat with Carrie before the show where she beamed with excitement about potentially getting to perform tracks that had yet to be picked. It was lovely to see her as excited to be there as her audience were, who she had in the palm of her hand throughout.

Fletcher’s vocals were as spine-tinglingly good as you’d expect, with her performance of ‘I Say No’ from Heathers bringing the house down. The vulnerability through the stories told and songs sung made it feel more like a catch up with an old friend. It was old friends themselves who have helped bring this joyous show to the stage. Carrie has lovingly cherry-picked those she has worked with previously to join her on her first solo tour, including the MD from Cinderella being her MD for ‘An Open Book.’ Bursting with heart from beginning to end, ‘An Open Book’ is absolute perfection and it would be an absolute crime to miss it.

The tour continues until 11/06/2023 where it concludes in Glasgow. See below for tour dates and booking information:

Note: My ticket was paid for. Irrespective of whether a show is gifted or bought, I always ensure that my reviews are fair and based on my honest opinion alone.


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